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About the Chronicle

Since 1920, the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle has provided its readers with Jewish news and opinion from a variety of perspectives — local, regional, national and international. The paper is mailed to subscribers each week and also is available for purchase at The Chronicle’s office.

Steve Rose and David Small purchased The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle in November 2010 from News Press and Gazette Company of St. Joseph, Mo., the parent company of Sun Publications. Rose serves as chairman of the 91-year-old paper; Small is the company’s president.

Rose and Small are the eighth set of the paper’s owners and this is the second time the Rose family has owned all or part of The Chronicle. The family first became associated with the paper in May 1964. At that time Stan Rose, Steve Rose’s father and Small’s grandfather, became partners with Milton Firestone. In 1998 Steve Rose, who by then was sole owner, sold The Chronicle, and its parent company, Sun Publications.

Information published in The Chronicle — an independent Jewish newspaper — comes from a number of sources, including stories written by its own editorial staff. Many local rabbis and professionals from our local Jewish agencies also write columns on topics of local interest. The paper also publishes reports of national and overseas events from JTA News & Features.

The year 1988 marked the debut of Kansas City Jewish Life, a slick-paper, full-color, quarterly city magazine mailed to all subscribers of the newspaper.

In 1998, The Chronicle established its website, which can be found by visiting www.kcjc.com. The website is updated each Thursday. Most, but not all, of the content of the print version of the newspaper is posted on the website.

The paper “goes to press” every Tuesday in order to get copies to the post office on Wednesday and, hopefully, into subscribers’ mailboxes on Thursday. The deadline for submissions of community news is noon Thursday, one week before the desired publication date. The Chronicle encourages its readers to submit information of community interest.

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