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Letter to the Editor

Article distorts the truth

About three weeks ago Trump announced that approximately 250,000 “temporarily” admitted Haitians and Salvadorans must return to their countries. This seems reasonable. The earthquakes causing their exodus happened over a decade ago.

The article by Ben Sales (Jan. 18, “When Jews came from ‘s--thole’ countries”) failed to point out that it was the Democrats who first described Haiti and El Salvador in the manner used by Trump.

Liberal congressional Democrats screamed in outrage. They asked, could any compassionate human being force them to go back? Their countries are terrible, they said — crime ridden, poverty stricken, disease-ridden, unfit for normal human life. Other than using the vulgar word, those Democrats called these countries exactly what Trump allegedly called them. They now are in a bind. If these countries are not what Trump called them, what possible excuse is there to keep these people here? And if they are, the only thing Trump can be accused of is telling the truth in an allegedly vulgar manner.

The article also distorts the truth about pre-1924 immigration to America. During that period of relatively open immigration, it was a condition that the immigrant not become a burden on the pubic. Either they must show they were self-supporting or else they must have a financially able sponsor. That is far different from the current situation, where, as soon as the immigrant places toes on American soil, he is immediately eligible for welfare goodies. They place an immediate burden on society. When there are so many vital needs in America for education, health care, infrastructure, security and welfare for American citizens, deliberately admitting those who will further drain our resources at the expense of our own desperate needs is compassion on crack.

Does anyone out there deny that Haiti and El Salvador are what Trump allegedly called them? Would anyone going there eat or drink the water in a local cafe, or stay in a local hotel not certified by their tour? Be honest. And all you puritans out there, don’t complain about bad language, considering the vile obscene, words shouted about Trump every day.